When do grievances turn into belief

All sorts of motivations colour our actions and yet are difficult to pin down unless technology gets to the point that it is able to develop a mind and heart reader, for a factual assessment.  Or, are they all actually text-book cases to psychologists who then zero in on the unseen to coax a response of real intent?

An interviewee to the ST article, 10 May 09 “Inside the mind of Mas Selamat and his ilk” suggests that Mas Selamat “would have been so deeply indoctrinated that his grievances would have crystallised into beliefs”.

Perhaps his early grievances of a perceived selling-out of ilk and kin to more “western” mores was a fertile bedrock for his indoctrination.  Once “converted” his was the unquestioning, unwavering trust of a foot soldier.   If this belief system is being cascaded down to hand-picked warriors, what then is the fundamental motivation of the leader at the source. 

If reports are to be believed, at the source, money is not an issue.  Neither fame.  Could it be then that the promise of 72 vestal virgins to these soldiers is to orchestrate and feed a power binge? Displaying perhaps a motivation veering to the political rather than a religious dimension?

What of the motivations of the different parties involved in the AWARE saga, the activists on the sidelines and the media? 

The religious convictions of the new (now defunct) regime was on play.   Online netizens refer to them as christian taleban though interviews and on-the-ground sentiment of segments of parents of various religious convictions mirrored that of the new team too.  Could this imply talebans of all races and religions as well?  What was their motivation?  From what little that came out in the press on their stand, their objective was a back-to-basics model, to help all women in need, in the context of a civic society.  The concern however, was a group whose intent would be to proselytise and pressurise into belief before proferring help.

What then, the motivations of the old guard?  The activists?  Have their grievances (which might go deeper than the core of AWARE and what it represents) perhaps turned into a belief system as well.  A religion to them.  If so, the media could very well ask the same of them.  What are their motivations?  The real intent.


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