The right of a bully?…

Why do bullies bully?  Because they can.  What gives bullies lee way?  Fear.   Simply, bullies prey on the defenceless.   Political bullies.   Corporate bullies.  Ah Seng bullies.  Schoolboy bullies, all. 

I wonder if the “bullied” decide to stand their ground and not show fear or a group “terrorised”, used solidarity against the bullies, whether the phenomena can continue.  It is phenomenal how a minority can terrorise the bullied and hold the majority at ransom. 

With no intent to insult “art” in its truest form, I think bullying is an “art”.  In its “finest” form, the face of the bullies can even remain invisible.  Bullies enlist intrepid loyalists who for whatever reason, will forever remain loyal.  Almost benefactors to them, these loyalists support and run the fool’s errand. This group chooses to act with the bully. 

There are those who do not choose but by circumstance, are left holding the ball.  They are “IT”.  They fulfill  the fool’s errand, ending up as the guilty party to the offended and the onlookers.

Who are these bullies?  From a psychological perspective, some schools of thought hypothesise about bullies bullying because they are insecure.  They feel inadequate and fearful as they are unable to face up to and manage their own shortcomings and fear their status is based on position rather than their own qualities. 

Wouldn’t it be easier to look at improving the weakness of character to feel less inadequate and fearful, you wonder?  Especially, if you happen to be at the shorter end of the stick. 

But I guess it might be easier to use position and power.  It’s quicker, you know, to boost your ego by undermining others’.   Take down a perceived (remember the first entry on the paranoia mantra? – “Those who do unto others think that others will do unto them”) threat by crushing him or her.  And feel all powerful. 

Then it’s no longer insecurity that makes them act the way they do.  Not their own lack of personal qualities and weakness of character. 

They are powerful.  They can.  They do.  The more they can and the more they do, the more everything else blurs, masking the bullying and allowing themselves to rationalise the action as a right.  It’s a vicious cycle.


2 thoughts on “The right of a bully?…”

  1. I was once bullied by a dog. Yes, don;t laugh…it is true. There was this black German Shepherd in my neighbourhood when I was about 12 years old. I vaguely recalled that it was owned by one of the shopkeepers along a row of shophouses. Each time I rode my bicycle past the shop, it would come charging out at me. That released a huge dose of adrenalin in my system and I always managed to cycle off before he got to me. One day, my cousin and I decided to teach the dog a lesson. I pilloned him (my cousin) on my bike and as we rode past the dog, he threw stones at the dog. Guess what?….It did not dawn on me till the dog was chasing us that I was not able to ride as fast with my cousin riding pillon. We were almost bitten…hahaha. Moral of the story : Before you can conquer your enemy, you must conquer your weakness. (inspired by Sun Tze) …That really gave me something to reflect on. We were almost that dog’s dinner !

  2. A very very long time ago, I was one of them who got the’short end of the stick’. The bully was my neighbour, male, twice my size and age with an army of boys of indeterminate age. I don’t know even now why he decided to target me but even at my age, I thought if I treated his army and himself as invisble, he would be and sure enough, after about 1 month of trying to intimidate me, they all stopped. Just like that. But it took a lot of inner resources and deep breathing to walk a street lined with bullies when you were just a 13 -year-old.

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