warranty not guaranteed……

The “close bracket” (avoid any reference by acronym please) tile popped out from its place on my laptop keyboard last week. 

I was toying with using superglue to stick the perpetrating tile back in its rightful place.  But being the “perfectionist” that I am, I thought that I would close the loop on all options and decided to call HP about replacing and repairing the tile.

There was bad news, good news and bad news.  The bad news.  It’s not about replacing one tile.  I need to replace the whole keyboard!  The good news, my warranty has not expired. 😮 🙂  The other bad news is if they so deem that the tile did not pop out of its own free will, I will still have to pay for the keyboard replacement myself.  All of S$100+ of it.  Warranty notwithstanding. 

So there is a chance I might get my laptop back with the guilty loose tile to superglue after all; but I am pretty certain, the tile popped out of its own volition.  So fingers crossed, I finally get to use a warranty for something that I bought.  Isn’t that just wild?! 😀

Have you ever been in a situation where some equipment, electric appliance, furniture, anything breaks down just after the warranty expires?  I was literally whooping for joy when the Customer Service Officer on the line told  me after verifying the laptop serial number and product number, that my laptop was still under warranty, “Oh really!  It’s still under warranty?  Really?!  I was expecting you to say it expired last week!”  The very nice, efficient, intelligent, sincere, engaging Asian officer laughed and said she knew what I meant.

Well, tomorrow my laptop gets picked up and will be dropped off after, as well.  Apparently, that’s within the scope of the warranty.  Complimentary pick up and drop off.  Now that’s VIP treatment.  Isn’t that something else?  I’m as pleased as a pie although I will have to “season” the keyboard all over again.   Need to avoid using “breaking in” given that I don’t want to give the wrong impression about any ill-treatment.  My laptop is in pristine condition except for that pop up tile.

Meanwhile, I will have to endure withdrawal symptoms as I will be without my close companion for three to five days! 😦

I will use the time to work up a storm for the next blog about an incredibly silly (as in duh..dense) “chiak gantang”  helpdesk guy from Apple.  (Steve Jobs, please get well soon).  The back to back calls showed up an unbelievable contrast to my wonderful Asian service experience!   Watch this space.


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