All of us make choices everyday.  Some we are happy with and others we are not proud of.

Simplistically, we could make choices from decisions based on ideals.  Rooted in realism.  Or pessimistic thoughts.  The first and latter premise are of the school where the glass is half full or half empty.  And in the middle is plain common sense.

Ideals are good as they allow us to dream.  Realism, I think, is the traction that brings dreams to reality or tells us where dreams need to allow some room for practical needs to be met.  Pessimism gets us nowhere.

As an aside, there is nothing wrong with dreaming.  Some dreams will remain dreams.  And some peppered with realism sees us staying the course for whatever tasks that lie ahead to achieve the dream.  It could be about vocation, business, personal challenges etc… We dream and realism kicks in to ensure there is a plan to bring the dream to fruition.  If not, it becomes a case of starting one too many projects that never see the end.  It gives the term “starter” a totally different meaning. 

In the same category, I think, is making choices to do with morals and ethics.  Some say that’s too idealistic and consequences could be dire to make such decisions based on moral judgement and values.  For example, if you stand your ground at work against bad judgements.  Illegal practises.  Or unfair treatment, which in some cases becomes more serious, corporate bullying.

Where is the balance in this?  What if choosing to stand up for what’s right means losing your job?  Is a clear conscience good enough to feed your family?  That’s the reality, isn’t it?  The economics always gets in the way.

I think it was Sun Tze that said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Do we choose to fraternise with the enemy?  If so, would that mean having to “wayang” with the victims?

Whatever we choose, just have the moral courage (I could think of another word) not to hide behind theatrics and pretense.

Bad is if you choose to sleep with the enemy, worse if you lie about it; but worse than a lie (ie: worst of all) is falsehood masked as truth.


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