thought bubble…

If people could see our thought bubble, what would they see?

If  someone gave me just ONE dollar per thought bubble, I could retire now and live very well.  Perhaps in Barbados or Tuscany.  Or a house in every place I want to live at , around the world.

Would I take the dollar per bubble?  I am not too sure, especially if the reveal is in front of the person “bubbled” about.  The most obvious reason “why not” would be that for me, most of them would have been associated with bad thoughts.  If they were good thoughts, they would not have resided in a bubble, in the first place. :p

If I applied the same meaning of the mantra “if looks could kill” to my thought bubbles, I think the dollar per bubble would then have to go to some legal counsel to get me off the hook.  Or actually, I could represent myself as it would be beholden on the prosecutor to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that I had the bad thought that “killed” and it was pre-meditated.  Tough.  Provided of course, that a thought-ful “murder” gets in the court’s books as a crime in the first place…

… 😮 Huh? Ok.  Ok.  That last paragraph was an indulgent digression.

Which thought bubbles would I be loathe to reveal?  Those about my loved ones – family and friends.  People important to me that I hold in high regard.  Begs the question, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone have thought bubbles about those they love.  Or those who are important to them?  I guess it’s to keep peace and to prevent them from getting hurt at my ungenerous thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, bubbles have burst, my cup runneth over… ie many times.  But just as many were held back after the dangerous first rumblings, to prevent mini wars.  I especially hate to be nagged at…. thought bubble! thought bubble! thought bubble! ………. especially when it’s a ranting on someone else’s issues, thought bubble!… thought bubble!  thought bubble!!……which suddenly gets rolled into my issue.  What the!…. you know the drill.

What else would I not reveal?  Potentially hurtful ones, even on random strangers.  Like my nephew and I saw today, while cycling, a boy who wore tights under his shorts.  What the?…… thought bubble… Or when you see a CPF-withdrawable-age, old man with a young East Asian woman on his arm!  Worse the same man crawling back to his wife or family when his money ran out together with the East Asian woman!  Thought bubble to infinity! 

Hypothetically, there are some thought bubbles that I might consider living well for 😀   These are bubbled moments for those who bully, who have no integrity, who spy, who have no —– (the equipment many a sport would require to play with, including golf and I don’t mean the stick, ok, ok putters and drivers), who have no conscience, no backbone, no principles… you get the drift.  The scum (a very generous description according to a friend) of our earth who do random stuff, just to get ahead in life, keep wealth, keep position, keep status… but obviously, not their souls.

Are your thought bubbles ever innocent?  Or like mine, they are mostly bad.  If bad, and someone gave you a dollar per bubble to reveal the thoughts in front of the person “bubbled” about, would you?


2 thoughts on “thought bubble…”

  1. hmmm……. …. cannot tell you what it is. It is not a bad thought but probably bordering on rude. Hahahahaha

    On a more serious note…no I would not. Not that they are necessarily bad, but some are really bizzare. Let me give you a sampler:
    old man in speedos riding a horse while juggling starfish…now do you really want to read my other bubbles? :p

    1. huh? you have a bad thought bubble even before starting to write. tsk … tsk…

      yah man… i would never have conjured such an image to be floated to the bubble! and what about an “old man in speedos riding a horse while juggling a starfish”? it’s just that what.

      i’m not sure what will come out if i prick that thought bubble of yours… but gees… mine are like the saint’s compared to yours! if i know where you are headed with that floating bubble of yours. :p

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