what’s Attractive?

I have been thinking lately that it matters squat if you are good-looking and well put together superficially, but rotten inside.  It matters squat to me, that is.  

In the law of the jungle though, the “most attractive” is often associated with being the “fittest” and the most likely to survive.  Going by what’s happening in the world of homo sapiens, it is likely we have aped the animal kingdom.  Now that’s progress. 😀 according to Darwinism. :p

I wonder why that is.  Why do we allow ourselves to be dictated by that rule?  If the package is good from the outside in, that’s not too bad, I guess.  But most times, it’s more like what the Chinese say, “good to look at, not good to eat”.  Tasteless.

But these somehow get to the top of the heap and so too others like them, get ahead.  And we allow that. So whose fault is it?

A friend has been threatening to invent and patent er… stuff… that doesn’t sound very promising. :p  I’m just thinking whether a character scanner that measures “decency” will be a possibility in the near future.  It’s like a lie-detector test of sorts but it measures the flaws in your character by showing up hot spots in the reading. 

Then perhaps we can weed out things that don’t matter and single out the really attractive:

  • A good personality above good looks
  • Comfortable enough in their own skin to laugh at themselves, together with others
  • Those who can exchange witty repartee above set jokes
  • Without a loathsome sense of self-importance, humble
  • Dealing on all things and with people, with integrity and honesty
  • Not having double standards
  • Treating people, at every station in life, with respect
  • Though that’s pointless if this behaviour doesn’t begin at home first
  • Display considerate behaviour
  • Persevering, does not give up easily
  • Passionate and with good judgement
  • Kind and compassionate and secure
  • Healthy sense of self-awareness and self-respect, discerning and wise

Can I say cannot have a shrill voice? 😀 I think being attractive from inside out is what matters and that carries a person through different relationships from personal to professional.   Of course for the latter, other skills set commensurate with the job is important too.   But good values is core to the individual’s character and knits the fabric of any unit – family, institution, society.

I wonder if organisations will be interested in a character scanner.  :p

Are you?  What’s unattractive to you?


8 thoughts on “what’s Attractive?”

  1. hmmm….my list of what’s unattractive:
    1) people who think they are perfect
    2) people who are so blind-sided that when you try to give them feedback, they totally agree with what you say but don’t realise that they are like that
    3) people who shoot off their mouth without engaging their brain
    4) peple who have no respect for human decency
    5) “idiosyncratics”…don’t think there is such a word but you know what I mean….people who say one thing and do another. e.g. “I am not perfect”……”I don’t have all the answers”…and in the same breath, they tell you how to do something because they have see it all.
    6) people without accountability who tell you what they want done….just because they think they “own” you or are associated with powers that think they do. When the shit hits the fan, they are never around. When the dust settles, they come back and create more $%#@!

    …i could go on, but I am rationing my negative thought today 😛
    There should be a scanner at the office entrance and when an “undesirable” walks through the scanner, it screams “#%$@*&! SCUMBAG”

    1. wah screaming scanner. hmmm… ok maybe can go beyond robotic voice. i shall ask my inventor to programme ms piggy’s voice. that’ll be sweet! 😀 then we can go for something more “refined”.

      “lower than the lowest scum of the earth approaching. and i am in a good mood today”. or

      “Manipulative AH, female of a dog, of the highest order approaching room with a view…temperature’s rising…scumbag, make my day!” 😀 😀


    1. strangely when i was reading your comment, i was like “woah” very poetic using “emas” like you did. didn’t realise it was a typo unlike the other typos… there were more you didn’t apologise for… hahaha… but this, don’t have to say sorry lah…i so think “emas” works too.

  2. No lah. A scanner seemes so Orwellian and much too scary cos sometimes you don’t really want to know everything about someone and for others its too much information all at once 🙂

    I think you would know if someone is attractive by what they say. I do not mean the cheeky one liners (although I sometimes find that a liitle tiresome) or the things people say that is calculated to get a rise out of you. I think when you are with someone for a period of time, their ‘inside’ will tell by the things they say or the comments they make. If you area wolf, no amount of wool can hide it.

    Once I was telling someone about my sister who goes about helping people out of trouble, usually it would be some human rights infringement or they have essentially no emas to protect themselves against ‘authority’. then this person actually said to me that he does this too – by giving X amount of dollars. He was quite serious about it. So although I know money helps in amny instances but I found it rather offensive that he actually said it. He became to me at that point, a very unattractive person. Of cos this is no litmus test 🙂

    1. hahaha… orwellian… hmmm.. perhaps, i should pitch the idea for a thriller. 😀

      re unattractive “George” 🙂 awww…. and he was trying to impress you too. but he doesn’t get it, does he? sad….

  3. If this gets invented, it must be calibrated based on absolute values and not relative values. I think I may know someone who thinks he is all this and more 🙂
    There could be heads of organisations out there who think they are perfect and want a whole company of people like them. Imagine the chaos and anarchy that would result..hahaha
    Picture this…..One person doing another in while three others are plotting to get rid of him. Unknown to the three, six others are scheming to eliminatre the three….hmmm….sounds like one of those mission impossible movies with a triple crossing spy fixing a double crossing spy. At the end of the movie, I sit staring at a screen of rolling credits asking people around me…err…what happened ahh…
    Having said that, it may not be too far off. I saw a product the other day which claimed to be able to plot your well-being without even talking to you. It measures your energy level and reports the well-being of the 16 organs in your body….don’t tell me to name the organs…I took their word for it. If only they could see my thought bubble 🙂

    1. eh… so very weird. this and the previous “comment” you made, went to “Spam”. i had to go in as admin to “approve” it. wait not read what you wrote… got bad word ah? this is PG rated, 2cents, remember. :p

      hmmm… perhaps, they read your thought bubble! must have been one nasty one, 2Cents. you can’t hide from the wordpress admin. hahaha…

      i see you write of the potential plot of the thriller from experience. :p yes, yes, i know the person who is EVERYTHING (et) anyone will ever need. write on! :p hahaha….

      btw, you want in on the invention? we can patent it. and you can speak to the inventor about the calibration. might have knowledge of et personality. 😀

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