getting a kick out of good mental health…

I totally believe that a good sense of humour is essential to good mental health. It’s a good de-stress mechanism. But it has to be supported by something funny in the first place. It is not just laughing for the sake of laughing. Sorry. That means the likes of a laughter club doesn’t quite cut it for me. It’s somewhat disconcerting – forced laughter. So yeah… there needs to be something funny to laugh at.

Laugh at our own bloopers or when somebody jokes about something we said or did. Laugh for the same reason, at and hopefully (if the person has a sense of humour :p), with others. Laugh at syntax errors. Laugh at antics. Laugh watching a comedy. A spoof. A Bollywood tragedy… 😀 sorry, it’s so “drama” that it tickles my funny bone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not laughing at the people or culture, just the situation, the plot and genre of flim-making…

Like how many fatal blows (see there’s a problem right there), does it take to kill someone. Like this guy was shot. Kicked at by ALL his attackers. Brain battered with a bat. “Blood” oozing.. no, no, wait..gushing, from every possible opening in the body…… Cut to commercial and the next scene shows him on a hospital bed!!! Merely with a bandaged head, full head of hair.. hahaha.. It’s a miracle! He’s alive!!! 😀

My mum and aunt are hilarious. They went shopping one day to the Ladies’ Department of a well-known department store. While browsing for a blouse, my aunt was fingering all the sleeves of the blouses to have a feel of the material. The blouses were either on hangers hung on racks or on mannequins. Thank God it was just the sleeves. 🙂 So lost was she in the rapture of material touching 😮 she had the shock of her life when her “mannequin” moved!!! 😀 She jumped letting out a string of unmentionables. Noooo… it’s not a scene from the Little House of Horrors. She had touched a real, living, breathing human’s blouse! And “we were not amused”. Obviously doesn’t enjoy good mental health. :p Anyway, she must have been a block of wood for my aunt to have mistaken her for a mannequin!

My mum coming towards my aunt saw this and laughed at my aunt (who was by then, hysterically laughing too). My mum laughed and laughed and laughed until she bumped into someone. She apologised profusely to the woman, who also didn’t seem to respond. Then she looked up and saw her own reflection! She had bumped into a mirror. 😀 That started the histrionics all over again.

Another gem for my eldest sister and I was when we were pulling an overnighter with some friends at the beach (all clean fun) and had only one large mat for like a dozen “carcasses” whose spirits were more willing than the bodies, to keep awake. It was quite a squeeze as we had just plonked ourselves width-wise across the mat. Even then, it could not accommodate all. Being the considerate person that she is, my second sister, brain fried… I mean brainwave :p and all, shouted excitedly, “I know! I know! We should all sleep vertically!” 😮 hahahaha… Whereupon, the smart aleck in the group jumped to his feet, stood at attention and said, “Great idea, Xx!”, before collapsing into a crumpled heap, laughing till he cried. You’ve heard of “die standing” (which is a literal translation from the Malay language). Here’s one for Wikipedia, “sleep standing”. Try it. Besides creating space, it helps in blood circulation….goes straight to your feet to prevent cramps… hahaha… Anyway, it still solved our problem. All of us laughed so hard that we became wide awake and needed only sitting space. hahaha…

Syntax errors or wrong word usage get my funny bone too. My niece and nephew (actually add mother dear to the fray too) would automatically, in mock horror start “gnawing” at their hands, when their father sometimes slips and says, “Eat yourself”. 😀 Not that I am a specialist, but I think it’s syntax of the Hokkien dialect creeping in.

Oxymorons, especially spotted by a then five-year old boy and two-year old girl, can be funny too. A cartoon “Sheep in the City” had a private named Private Public and a general named General Specific. Then add to that very cuuuuuute toddlers laughing gleefully, remarking, “Oxymo[w]on” to each other. That just takes the cake.

Which is why an adult not able to distinguish “tricky” homonyms is a laugh-a-minute. In a work e-mail, someone had written, “Corporate will take up 50% of the cost, so that you will not have to bare all”… ahahahahahaha…. I should hope not! 😀

There’re more where that came from but I should stop. I’m way over my quota. This is my longest post ever. Hopefully you got a kick out of this and not some shuteye. It is for your mental health :p Better yet, if you post your own funny moments. 🙂


2 thoughts on “getting a kick out of good mental health…”

  1. hahahaha…good one re the bare it all. Did you hear about the wonderful sales promotion that would be a phenomenon? Or the inspiration to create fury (long haired) cows? … Wait, what about the advice to be nice to all human beens.

    I have a funny story to share. In one of my previous lives, I was in a department which handled all the feedback from customers. This incident concerns a letter written by a customer who complained on behalf of his wife. A typo in the first para of the letter read:

    Dear xxx
    I refer to your letter of concerning the experience of (y)our wife……

    the “y” was missing and “your wife” became “our wife”.

    Fortunately, my boss caught the typo…..otherwise, I would have been toast ! Imagine how upset the guy would have been if it had actually gone out….what a difference a letter makes 😛

    1. hahaha… the sales blitz was “phenomenonly” unsuccessful. But in the spirit of being kind to human beens (I don’t remember this one) we won’t mention it in public. 🙂

      Really, we have to be nice to all human beens? 😀 Darn! You caught me. That was a misspelling, I meant human beans! 😀

      Speaking of being nice to all, didn’t realise you were a swinger! 😮 tsk … tsk… 2Cents. I do need to remind you that this is a PG rated blog. 😀 Y 2Cents Y…….hahaha…

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