what’s your price?

Everyone has a price. That means everyone can be bought? That’s disturbing.

Is there anything noble to a price tag? Admittedly, we have to make a buck and work for a living. So that’s a price tag on us, right? That helps us put food on the table to feed the family, pay for medical bills, send children to school, pay for little luxuries. Hopefully, it also helps us open up our fists to extend help to others in need as well.

So getting paid for a good, hard day’s work, is good.

On the other side of the fence, the people who put the price tag on us, also make a noble contribution, eh? They tag us to to help us make an honest living. So that’s noble too, right?

When does it stop being noble? I guess this is not new. But it didn’t hit me as much until the last few years. My environment ensured that. Money and job status and security is associated not merely with loyalty but blind loyalty. Absolute blind trust (strange … these are the very same people who say they don’t believe in anything or anyone but themselves and their self-ability), here they are blindly trusting. The more blind you are, the better. And it’s not the blind justice with balanced scales. It’s being blind to bad decisions of the power that be and attendant eunuchs. Blind to unfair treatment of professional (albeit deemed “disloyal” by virtue of the fact that they are not “yes” man) and loyal employees who want the best for the organisation. Blind to breaking people’s rice bowls. Blind to injustice. Blind to everything and everyone, except those who sign your pay cheque.

Everything becomes a pure transaction. A mere contract. Take the pay. Zip up and throw away the key to everything else except what your paymasters say and ask you to say and do. You get your money. You get your status. You get your security.

But the company “owns” you.

The question is at what point do you walk away and say no amount of money is worth the moral dilemma? And when you do get to walk away, will you come back for even more money and higher status? Is it worth it? What’s your price? What will you sell? Who will you sell out? Why will you do it?

I believe we have lines we do not cross. Well, at least for those whose choices are black or white. Right or wrong. Yes or no. I am not certain for those whose line shifts within shades of grey. I guess shifting lines imply there are no absolutes. Everything is relative for them. And for those who have totally crossed the line, they have gone to the dark side. Where wrong becomes their right.

What conditions some to be happily blindsided by money and status? Perhaps those who do not have blood on their hands. They just take orders and pass it on to others to execute. Literally. 😮 They just write papers and surprise, surprise, leave others to implement their “projects” within their stipulated, unrealistic expectations and timelines. Perhaps, they believe only in themselves and the present. Therefore, they are amoral with no conscience? It is just what’s good for you for the here and now. So others be damned. For the now at least. Or perhaps, they are just above the law. They work with and for the law or they are the law. Or those who see the system for what it is and milk it for whatever it’s worth.

What’s their price? I’m afraid in that situation, the price will never be right. I’m sure someone’s price could be another’s poison. Is there a limit? I’m just bummed that people I think I know keeps raising the ante on their price, while continuing to criticise others pretty much like them and the organisation that they continue to fleece.

Being blindsided is more common than I thought. Even with people you think you know.


3 thoughts on “what’s your price?”

  1. You made a good point. It has got me thinking about the difference between being confident and being full of oneself….I guess one is the subset of the other. People who are full of themselves are confident but not all confident perople are full of themselves.
    Are people who are full of themselves narcissistic? Probably so.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head. It is either because they are blind-sided or they sway with the wind. I believe that it is about what drives them as individuals. Someone who is driven by money or power would rationalise the situation to suit their needs. It is this rationalisation that causes them to be blindsided. Coincidentally, I have also observed that such folks tend to be stubborn and pig-headed…oops….the politically correct word is “strong willed”.
    I guess the key is reflection. Most are so full of themselves that they do not reflect and process what is happening to them. Some have never had the need to reflect simply because they blame everyone else for anything which goes wrong. They get away with it because they lord over everyone.

    1. Hmmm…. On the contrary, I think they are so full of themselves that they process things only in relation to how it affects them. They will never walk a mile in other’s shoes. There’s only one perspective, they and everyone, need to process – theirs. The cost is someone else’s to count and to bear. They just want it at their price no matter the cost to others.

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