Now what?!?!?!….:o

Again… I am flummoxed! I’m beginning to like this word. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did anyone read in the papers? Now they are talking about assisted suicide. I know it’s been done in some European countries but having news about it here, somehow signals to me, that it has reached our shores… hoping to land and take root.

We know the fabric and tapestry of the human condition is a meandering and complex one, bound by accepted legal, cultural, religious and social rules. So what’s driving this now?

Is it about being ageist? With an ageing society, has it become too difficult? There are more old than young and the old are more costly to upkeep. And we have less young. I think that’s a fact. But as many of my friends have heard me say, ad nauseam, those old hands used to contribute to society in their hey day. They were not old then. And not costly.

Why were there not as many stories about caregivers then? Or the need for AMD and now some people proposing assisted suicide?

Regardless of the disproportionate young to the displaced old, like it or not, caregiving normally falls on the shoulders of the one person in the family.

So why was it different then? Was it because our parents and their parents’ generation were more filial? It was not a matter of choice but children take care of their parents. In sickness and in health. No ifs and buts.

So what does it say about us now that makes AMD a law? Why look at assisted suicide? Is the life of the old and infirmed less valuable? Who’s to say that anyway? Who’s playing God?

Don’t forget. The big wheels keep on turning and before we know it, it’s our turn to be up there for consideration for new policies about where to hide the old. And if you are sick, better that you choose to die than be a burden to others.

I guess the proponents of “assisted suicide” might speak about quality of life. And yes there are sacrifices both ways for the dependents and the caregivers but I grew up with grandparents in my household. We were not rich. We shared one piece of sliced fish among eight. But we were the richer for the experience to have gleaned the wisdom of age from people worth their salt.

Yes you are lucky if your dependents are relatively healthy till the end. Does it change if they get sick? Is it not worth caring for them till the end? What if the infirmed dependents in question are your children and not the old parents? Would you allow them to consider assisted suicide? Or would you do all you can to revive them, even if it seemed like a lost cause? Will you have the same response to both situations? If not, why not? Is the value of life only considered in the potential of it? If that’s really it, then be very afraid. Rags in shreds cannot be easily mended.

We can say we love them so we want to let them go….. we could…. but I don’t know, with our fast-paced, self-centred lifestyle, can anyone say that such decisions can be altogether altruistic? What if there is money and a will involved?

The Eskimos send their old out in the cold, on their own, to die alone. I’m not questioning another’s tradition, as they believe that they are sending them to a better afterlife. My question is do the old really accept such a thing or are they doing this because at the back of their heads they know that they are helping to take away that burden of a decision from their children?…..

Net, net… the old seem to lose. They give when they are young to their children and their parents. And when they grow old, they are left out in the cold.

Call it by any other name but what would “assisted suicide” be tantamount to? It is still taking someone else’s life. If in the eyes of the law, someone taking their own life is wrong, then what is the difference with someone asking another to take away his or her life? And what does that make the person doing it?

I know that death is a part of life. But what is the sum of life, if death can be summoned at will?….


2 thoughts on “Now what?!?!?!….:o”

  1. If I were one of those who belived in the conspiracy theory, I would say that the seeds of self destruction have been planted in our minds. Not that it will become law, but as an option….kinda “Oh, BTW, did you think about …..”
    In December 2008, my son was in hospital (let’s just say it was a restructured hospital). We were watching the television in his room and there was a programme titled “Suicide Tourist”. It was about an Englishman who had a terminal illness and was dying. He paid a package to travel to a country in Continental Europe so that he could die. They adminsitered a lethal injection. His family travelled with him to say their final farewell. Why are they screening such programmes ina hospital? What more in a restructured hospital.
    Not long ago, we read in the newspapers that Singaporeans can use meddisave at approved hospitals in Malaysia. I question the basis for this. Medical care in Singapore is comparable to one of the best in the world. Don’t Singaporeans deserve this? In a way, we worked to make this possible. Why are we then encouraging our citizens to head North? It is a small start towards a dangerous and slippery slope. For now, it can be argued that it is in our interest so we can stretch the dollar.
    Shouldn’t there be greater responsibility for our citizens? ….for better or for poorer, in sickness and in health….” oops….that’s the wedding vow. I guess there isn’t one between state and citizen.
    I fear that we are heading the way of the US….where the advent of health insurance will drive healthcare costs up. …..we have already seen this in the car insurance industry. Ultimately, the loser is the consumer. I hope the medical care in Singapore will never end up providing only for the able. (I leave you to interprete the definition of “able”.)

    1. AMD is already a law in Singapore.

      Now that the “talk” of assisted suicide is beginning to be surfaced in the media… one never knows. But it is horrifying now to hear that shows like the docudrama you mentioned are already being shown in our hospitals.

      Why would or should anyone be directed to think along these lines? Our lives are the richer for any interactions we have with our loved ones, for better or worse in sickness or in health… the growth from coping and caring is irreplaceable and cannot be learnt from taking the easy route out.

      What kind of society are we building? Not everything a “progressive” society adopts is good. No matter how close they are a “business model” as us.

      It’s scary the thought of the “instant noodle” mindset invading every area of our lives. Instant noodles to satisfy cravings for food. Quick-rich schemes to satisfy cravings for wealth… the list is endless! It’s all about the convenience to us. Making things easier for us. Having things more palatable for us.

      We don’t want to see the old and infirmed… quickly let’s tuck them away somewhere and keep them hidden, unseen and unheard… Oh wait a minute… What about quick-die schemes? There.. that’s better. Less messy, wouldn’t you say, if we can compartmentalise that too? It’s more efficient that way. Oh by the way, since you are signing your life away, why don’t you sign away a heart, a lung or kidney or two…? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      What you wrote has made me very sad. What is the world coming to? Rationalisation overtakes compassion at every turn, more than any F1 driver at the recent Bahrain race. :p My bleeding heart ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Freeing up Medisave use in Malaysia… Talk of assisted suicides rearing its ugly head… I have a theories about these … but I won’t and shouldn’t spell it out here …

      But remember…everyone grows old…. Although, sadly again, you are right, some people are more equal than others.

      Should we despair? We want soft skills – perhaps allocate more time to music and art. So we can “create” “soul” in our city of the future. Add edgy to our cutting edge. Give soul to commerce. So we can enjoy more plastic pleasures from the time we will create by taking away anything from the equation that does not positively add up.. that will suck the life blood out of us.

      I know! Let’s take away opportunities to show love and compassion. Prevent sowing seeds of human kindness.,,,,,,, We’ll just have the campaign to manufacture easy kindred, community spirit……..

      I don’t know 2Cents… you’ve opened another Pandora’s box for me. Maybe these are the seeds germinating for yet another blog… :p

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