pull up your [sagging] …..

Pants!!  …. what were you thinking?! 😮  🙂

It used to be  “pull up your socks” in my youth.  It probably has its figurative roots from the “slack” look of those whose socks had seen better days and had lost elasticity.  What should normally be pulled pristinely up to just before the calf, had slid to the ankles, causing much distress to parents and teachers, as it made us look unkempt.  And I guess the association with unkempt is endless… untidy, undisciplined, a lackadaisal attitude etc….etc…etc…

My school teachers used to launch into a tirade of “you better pull up your socks, young ladies” when our grades were going south.  It was not meant to be literal of course.  Just that we had lost some of the edge and were becoming slack, like socks that had lost elasticity.

My Secondary 2 classmate whose Maths grades had slid badly was chided with the same refrain, by our Maths teacher who was also our discipline Mistress, and she, whether in defiance or was clueless, actually bent to pull up her socks. 😀 😀  Let’s just say “we (the Maths and Discipline Mistress… er…that’s two right ;)) were not amused” and my classmate was sent to stand outside the classroom, daughter of the science teacher notwithstanding.

These days it’s “Pull up your pants!”  But it’s not figurative.  Well, even if there were a figurative meaning behind this, that’s not my intent for today.  Trust me… not on my blog. 🙂  Seriously, this is literal.  Please do.  “Pull up your pants!!”.  “Do It!”  (Borrowing from Nike’s fashion statement) :p

Did you read the Non Sequitur cartoon by Wiley, today?  It’s entitled “Bert makes a fashion statement.

Can you see Bert’s fashion statements?  In case you are pulling away and walking to the other end of the room to read from your PC or laptop screen, :p the sign says  (and I’m only “reading out” the sign on the left that I am commenting on),   ‘PULL UP YOUR PANTS!!”

Yup… “Pull up your pants” gets my goad.  I don’t know about you… I happen to agree with whoever who disagrees with the current fashion statement.  It’s not even about low-slung pants anymore.  I think the pants have been unslung!  Unhinged!  It’s a fashion statement if you wear your pants at impossibly low points, showing off everything that’s meant not to be shown in public?! 😮

Have you seen them walk in those pants… ?

It would appear, if you have seen them walk in those pants, that they are trying somehow (look Ma no hands) to hitch it up with every step.  So it begs the question right?

Even though I am no longer a youth, I believe, I’m not quite the stick-in-the-mud.  Is that what we non Gen ? (which Gen are we at now… Y?) always say? 😀  … I do agree that certain cut of jeans that are worn on the waist, are not hip 🙂 … ok, ok … corny… but some can look mumsy depending on what tops you team them up with.

And I do wear jeans, cargo pants, cropped pants that are somewhat low waisted.  Alas, my reasons are different.  It’s not as much about making fashion statements, as it is to keep somewhat protruding bellies in check 😀

And there are some people who wear very low slung pants but at least their t-shirts or shirts are worn to the top of the pants.

But I really don’t believe in butt cracks (apologies if this is too offensive for a G-rated blog :))… or boxers in plain view.  It’s one thing to make a statement and another when you are the butt of it. 🙂

To me, sagging as I think it’s called, is no more about making a fashion statement, it’s calling out for fashion exclamations against it.

Many have spoken against it.  New York State Senator, Eric Adams, is now campaigning against it.   He’s put up a statement on his YouTube  site and has started putting up hoardings, like the one below, to make his own statement.

Image: "Stop the Sag" billboard

Larry Platt sang about it (whether or not it’s an orchestrated rip off of the Green Brothers’ song “Back Pockets on the Ground”), during the auditions of the recent American Idol, to make a point:

Pants on the ground

Pants on the ground

Looking like a fool with your

pants on the ground.

Seriously… don’t you think the expose  :p has gone far enough?


5 thoughts on “pull up your [sagging] …..”

  1. Midlife….boring? Hahaha not a chance. It is full of surprises ! Each morning when I wake up, my brain boots up and does a scan, I ask myself, “Where does it hurt today?” 🙂
    Thankfully, most days are fine. I get my gout attack once a year…. Typically between Christmas and Chinese New Year…. Wonder why…..
    When I do get my attack, I hobble to my doctor, who seems to have it in his Outlook calendar that I am due for my gout medication. He prescribes me Synflex and a bunch of other stuff. A female friend told me that she is on Synflex too….. not for gout but for a feminine condition. I went back to the doctor to ask for “real man” pain killers. I asked him why he gave me a female pain killer. He told me that real men don’t take pain killers :p I have since been in touch with my feminine side …. Hahaha.

    1. Hahaha… And what does your feminine side say about midlife? … 😀 And does being in touch with your feminine side make you 4Cents now? :p… 😉

      Talking about getting up each morning surprised 😮 there is no pain… hahaha…, I was just commenting to a friend’s husband that these days our concern seems to be about the brand of “koyok”…. hahaha… Ketotop is my brand of choice. Works for me… hahaha… Poster girl for ketotop… You should try it if one day you get up surprised 😮 by pain. 😀

      Regarding pain management though, I think women have a better pain threshold. I’m sorry to introduce a conflict. Your feminine side might agree but the “real” man in you, might take offence. Are you schizo yet?.. :p ahhahaha…

      Now how did we get here from “who says mid life is going to be boring”? 😀 … actually from sagging pants! hahaha… oh no! woah… you’re flitting from topic to topic… hmmmm…. :p

  2. …how low can you go….how low can you go….how low can you go.
    So the limbo rock song goes….hahahaha….what were you thinking 🙂 …yup, that was from my generation….a simpler time when every D&D you attended had played “YMCA”, “Choo Choo Train” and Limbo Rock.
    …some parties I attend today still play “YMCA”….hahahahaha…. not long ago, I attended a friend’s son’s 21 year old party and in tribute to his Dad, he made the deejay play “YMCA”….all the old fogies jumped on the dance floor and had a ball. My son (who was also at the party) looked at us in disbelief…..when I gestured for im to join us, he gave me that incredulous look….I digress again….
    More seriously, those pants are far too low…..but I wonder if those kids bought pants with too small a waist size or too short a length. I have a good reason for thinking that. A couple of years ago, I was at Robinsons and saw a great pair of Bermudas….loved the material and design, so I tried it for size. It fitted well…or so I thought. When I wore it for the first time, I had curious looks….a friend commended me for being “hip and happening” with my dressing. I was a little puzzled and when I ask why he said that, he told me…those are real nice hip hop pants (they looked like those baggy pants which stopped about 15 cm above my ankle). I sheepishly told him it is supposed to be Bermudas, but my Asian height made them look like three-quarter hip hop pants. I cannot quite remember when I last wore those pants ….hahahaha
    The younger generation have brains which are wired very differently from me. My son pays good money to buy jeans with holes in them ! They look so worn that they look like someone’s recycled jeans…the irony is there was a promotion and the jeans he “traded in” looked newer than the ones he bought. During my time, “stone wash” and “acid wash” was the thing…they were made to look seasoned…but no holes 🙂 We had to make our own holes 🙂
    The good news about saggy pants, I guess is it should make it easier to go to the loo…since you are already half way there…hahahaha

    1. Hahahaha… Laugh-a-minute, 2Cents. Good one.

      I would also like to add that Asian-heightened bummer moments apply to me too… Haha… But the good thing is I pay cropped prices for full-length pants. Hahaha… No need for alteration. 🙂

      K. Cheerio! Off I go… Toodleloo … (pun intended) Hahaha.. I need a headstart cos my pants are not halfway there :p

    2. Oh and in addition, I am now “in”.

      I was mulling over lunch with two of my friends, about invisible mending my jeans, in line with the “acid” wash generation.

      “NO!!!…. DON’T!!….” 😮 ..they chorused.

      “It’s strategically torn.”

      “People pay good money for this… More than $300..”

      were the immediate rejoinders.

      So that’s that. My old trusted jeans has a new lease of life. And in its second half, it’s now a fashion statement. 🙂

      So who says mid life is going to be boring? 😉

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