our pets and us…

We used to have a cat.   He was a half-Siamese cat.  He came to us a cute, playful kitten up to no good antics and grew to be a handsome, rakish tomcat with a devil-may-care attitude. He liked being stroked though and many a time, would come voluntarily to rub against your legs to ask to be stroked. 🙂 He was with us at home all through our waking hours doing what cats do but don’t ask us about his night time exploits. :p We used to live in a pre-war, rent-controlled single-story terrace. Our backyard goes out to the kampung.  That was his backyard. :p  All I know is he comes back with a swagger in the morning.  I was told he went to catch mice. 😀

He came to us in my childhood and was with us into my pre-teen years.  We moved when I was 13.  We carried him in a rattan basket to our new place but he bolted when my dad opened the basket just short of the door of our new place.  I sprinted after him but he was too fast even for me.  We couldn’t find him.  We think he went home.  We never had a cat or pet again.

My friend has five cats.  She is a loving and responsible cat owner.  One of the five was a mangled stray.  Nothing much to look at really.  He bore the stripes of stray fights.  She took him in and brought him to the vet.  They found he had FIV.  She nursed him to health.  Even the vet said she deserves a medal for that.

Now one of her other cats, my personal favourite (I am partial to handsome tomcats :p) is sick.  He has kidney failure. Only 25% of his kidney is functioning.  Again, she is nursing him.  She brings him to the vet daily for jabs and has to feed him tablets without crushing them first.  It has to get into his abdomen whole.  We’re waiting to award her the medal. 🙂

Another friend very recently lost his dog.  He posted notices in his estate and some very nice people called to say that his poor dog had been knocked down and had died! 😮 His whole family (three generations) are mourning the loss. More difficult as they had no closure.

What is it about pets that elicit such responses from us?  Perhaps it’s because their acceptance of us is unconditional.  I think we are at our most vulnerable with them. They don’t judge us and they probably know more about us and what we are feeling than most humans. 🙂  We probably tell them what we actually feel too.  No holds barred.  Or even if we didn’t and were just thinking it, while playing with or stroking them, they just sense it.  Their non-verbal contact sometimes says more than any human could, in words.

So I send my heartfelt sympathies to my friends and anyone whose pets are sick or who’ve lost a pet, recently or in the past.  It’s a good run!


2 thoughts on “our pets and us…”

  1. My first pet was a cat and it ran away from home. I have had dogs ever since. I love them for their unassuming nature and purity of heart. No hidden agenda.
    They are loyal and bear no grudges. You can discipline a dog for a misbehaviour and 2 hours later, he’s still your friend….and remembers the lesson….at least for the next hour 😛 It is honesty at its most basic level because they do what they feel like for the moment.
    I used to tell my friends with young children that they should have pets for their children as it teaches them affection, care and loss. My pets have taught me lessons too. Among them:
    1/ Ginger (a mongrel I had during my teenage years) taught me the art of relaxation. Whenever he lied down to rest, he would draw a very deep breath and release it. If you have not tried that, you should.
    2/ Kurma (a pomeranian) reminded me to walk tall and smart. He strutted around like he was on a catwalk all the time. A real handsome dog who loved beer 🙂
    3/ Kaiser (a silky terrier) reminded me that perseverance is a virtue. He loved his food and ate everything except cucumber and banana. He would wait patiently each night till every family member had come back for dinner. He would sit patiently by the dinner table hoping that food would drop from the table. He was never fed at the table but that never stopped him. His motto was “If you do not try, you never know.”

    Sadly, we lost Kaiser in an accident. Like the incident you mentioned, we know he left us but we never had the chance to say goodbye. That was really the difficult part for family members. His spirit and memories stay with us 🙂

    1. Oh dear…poor doggie. I am so sorry for your loss 2Cents and your family too. It is difficult with no closure. 😦 But glad you had him and all your other doggies. Didn’t know you had a cat. Just figured you to be a doggie person. 🙂

      When I was younger, I always wanted to have a puppy. So I guess that rules me out as a serious pet owner, in any adults’ eyes, if I only wanted a puppy. :p So maybe that’s why they got a cat. Small like puppy.. 🙂

      But if I could, I would love a dog. I like big dogs. In my dreams it was always either a German Shepherd, Labrador or Border Collie.

      A big dog for you perhaps?, once you can. 🙂 Meanwhile, I will try the the deep release method of relaxation you recommended, for my stressful moments. 🙂

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