A tooth for a tooth?…

I recently had an accident with an already fractured pre-molar.  The pain that emanated round the cavern of the mouth when that happened was indescribable!  It felt like my ears would pop out!

If I could draw (which I can’t but I have a decent imagination 🙂 ), the pain signals would be like those cartoon images where they depict sonar pulses that capture the sound of vessels or echoes underwater… :p

The pain echoed round the mouth.  And you will appreciate echoes of pain is none too funny. Unlike the cartoon echoes at some “Echo Point” or other that yells back… Hello..o..o..o.o….. You don’t want “Hello” echoing to this pain.

Well, the long and short of it is that the fracture’s too deep and the tooth couldn’t be saved ie: can’t do a root canal and crowning to preserve it.  So out it had to come and some form of replacement tooth will go in its place.

I was just thinking (and a friend would probably say, I overthink everything..what could one possibly ruminate over a lost tooth?)… but as I was saying… :p … I was thinking that it wasn’t just the loss of a tooth.

Besides my three wisdom teeth (which everybody loses), I have not lost any adult tooth prior to this.  And it seems at this point a reminder of time passing.  Really quickly at that!

Losing something permanent just seems well… permanent!  It’s like a death. (Pardon me, those in more dire situations than this… my heart goes out to you. It’s metaphorical for me, I admit, but too real for you.)  So figuratively speaking, I was saddened (for awhile) and mourned inwardly, for the loss, but I rebounded. Particularly remembering those with greater loss or threatened loss of life and limb. At least, mine could be replaced.  Artificial or otherwise.  I was reminded to look on the bright side – “after it is fixed”, I was told, “the tooth will be virtually indestructible”.  Any superhero with an indestructible tooth that can save the world? 😀

The next loss from the dead pre-molar (it was literally dead) … food!!!  I miss food!!! I was on a liquid diet (exacerbated by a very, very bad flu), then soft diet in between all the consultations!  Those who know me would know that would be the greatest torture.  Now you know. Don’t bother about electrocution with me.  Just withhold food, I’ll spill all! 😀

BUT and yes it’s quite a big one… the butt (apologies to those more refined) shrank. I lost quite a bit of weight.  Now that’s one loss I won’t be mourning.  BUT and yes, the double TT might make its grand reappearance when I go back to my normal diet. But it will be a glorious return.  I will never be hungry again. :p  I look forward to that.  My sister’s promised a glorious chap goh mei meal!  Yay!! 🙂 🙂

PS:  To all those who are suffering through loss, a thousand apologies.  It must be really dark times.  I make light, only, of my plight.


2 thoughts on “A tooth for a tooth?…”

  1. I am sorry for your loss …. your tooth I mean, not your weight 😛
    Ok, on a more serious note….last August we lost our dog to an accident. It was a solemn and glum period. As I reviewed the photographs of him, I found myself wallowing in grief. I decided to compile a slide show in his memory to mark the celebration of his life with us. My Dad was probably the most affected as he doted on the dog like a grandchild 🙂 Barely a week after the accident, he went to a pet shop and bought a dog….and gave him the same name ! To be honest, I felt it was far too soon but on reflection, he probably needed to fill this void in his life. It has been 6 months since the new dog came into our lives. Slowly but surely, he is beginning to fill the shoes of the previous dog. In some ways, it is uncanny…..this dog displays some similar behaviours with the previous one. Both dogs are adorable in their own ways.
    What’s my point? …well…. we move on … and so does life ….. but we are richer for the experience. Wishing you and your indestructible tooth many years of happiness chewing through itek sio, buah keluak, babi ponteh, chap chye….ok, better stop here. Happy chap goh mei 🙂

    1. Thanks for commiserating with me, 2 Cents. Glad you and your family are now more at peace about your dog leaving you and that your Dad has another adorable grandchild. 🙂

      Yeah… thanks. I’m over it. Moving on. 🙂 Writing about it was a type of catharsis and acceptance for me.

      There are worse things. Like not being able to eat itek sio, chap chye, buah keluak (which I just had … slurpppp…), pongteh (according to my cousins’ and sons’ dipstick poll, mum still retains best pongteh title this CNY for the gzillionth time (better than Incheon’s sixth best airport title 🙂 ).

      Here’s to indestructible moments! It was a happy chap goh mei. Thank you. Ditto to you and family. 🙂

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