Perspectives.  It’s been on my mind a lot these days.

I’ve come down to this… it has to do with our standpoint.  Approach and attitude to things and the sentiment we attach to them.

  • You lose a precious diamond ring to a snatch thief but your ring finger is still intact.
  • You can’t travel for a well-earned and much anticipated holiday because your doctor caught an ailment before you left that required immediate treatment.  You lost your holiday of a lifetime but you live to speak of it.
  • You lose a business opportunity but save a good friendship.

And many, many more scenarios that you probably can think of.

But my perspective is that attitudes have taken a material change.  I’m not sure if we even stop to think about the “what ifs” anymore.  There doesn’t appear to be a what if scenario. Everything just IS…. No cause and effect “If this were, therefore that” scenarios.  Just this IS ….

I’ve been thinking about where that comes from.  Whether it is a mentality that “takes” without considering the “give”. Things are just appropriated.  Everything has become a right.  There is nothing else to consider.  No flip side (unless you talk about flipping a property :p).  No other value or sentiment attached.

So we lament the loss of the diamond ring without considering the finger could have gone along with it.  We whine a holiday interrupted forgetting the risk of being dangerously ill in a foreign land.  Mourn a business opportunity lost without a second thought of betraying a friend.

The premium it appears is not on worth but cost.  I think that’s precisely it.  It is no more about the sentiment attached to how we approach things.  It’s been reduced to the lowest common denominator … cost.  What does it cost?  Not its worth.  Not how you value a finger (now wipe those rude thoughts from your head :)).  A friendship. A life.  But the cost of the diamond, the holdiay, the opportunity cost of the business.

A friend and I were having a poignant discussion about this a couple of days ago. Underlying it all is what really matters to us.  Looking at things in perspective got her to release something she had held on to. Whether it had started from sentimental reasons, or she had held it due to ego, confusion and hurt from a betrayal , it did not matter anymore.

What really matters … always confronts us at the face of death; because it really should be about that one life we have and how we live it.  It is something so simple and salient but always forgotten.  When you think of someone fighting for his/her life, with a courage and dignity beyond measure, things just get clearer.  Everything else pales in comparison.  And there doesn’t appear any reasons to whine and moan anymore.  Suddenly counting the cost is as what it should be.  Not in monetary terms but the real value that gives it meaning.

It’s like the rain had come overnight and we wake up to a fresh new world. The old worldview totally washed away (hopefully that lasts for more than that moment).

At the heart of it, does it matter if we get or do not get everything exactly according to our worldview and expectations? At what price?…. To what end?  Is it eternal?


4 thoughts on “perspectives…”

  1. Cost is complex. Most people would just think of the lowest common factor – money as it is often the simplest one of all and they do not consider other costs to the human spirit or quality of life. Even here, the word ‘quality’ is sometimes equated to just dollars and cents. Probably it is the result of the society we have here and I don’t think it would be the same everywhere. Once someone asked me why I feed the community cats ‘expensive’ canned food and not just buy lowest ‘cost’. The same person actually has cats and buys the better ones for her own cats.I think this is more a matter of worth rather than cost. Possibly she does not think community cats are worth the trouble or even the care. I think this would cost her a great deal in terms of humanity possibly. I am not saying I am any better but I think I am the better for the time I take to care about what others would dismiss very easily. Actually I did not even think of what there would be for me but rather how it would make the cat’s life better. And possibly that it what it is – if you think less of what there will be for you but just do something to make someone’s life or even something better for others or even that it IS the ONLY thing to do, then the cost of it is is always priceless. Sometimes it is just IS- a way of being.

    1. Capital!, BJC … Priceless…. Can’t put a price tag on the cost of things that should matter. It is its worth for us that is it’s final value.

      You took the words right out of mouth. Couldn’t have said it better. Maybe I didn’t! :p

      Thanks for your perspective and choosing to make life better for others. 🙂

  2. The lowest common denominator is sometimes not the cost but “ME”…yes capital M.E. A local celebrity wannabe once said, “…it’s all about me.” My immediate reaction was disgust over how self-centred she was. Sadly, that seems to be how many people think and act each day. Some blame it on the rat race, work pressure, deadlines, etc….but alas, we decide how we wish to act.
    When we are in a race and you see an injured fellow competitor in need of assistance, do we stop to offer assistance or do we leave it to someone else?….We decide.
    When we drive along the road and see a fellow motorist stalled by the side of the road, do we stop to offer assistance or drive on? …We decide.
    If the fellow motorist by the side of the road is a burly 6 footer with shoulder length hair, leather jacket and sunglasses, would we stop?
    If the fellow motorist were a young lady with a toddler in her arms, would we stop?
    We decide based on our view of the world and our past experience. I don’t think there is a universally correct answer to each situation.
    What would it take to transform us into a more gracious society? The answer, I feel, may be more elusive than we think.
    Maybe if we were a nation of iRobots, it may be simpler because we could be programmed. Hang on…….. we do not cross the road when the red man lights up, even if there is no traffic?…..have we been programmed? 😛

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