autumn travels…Takayama

My Autumn trip actually saw me heading directly to Takayama from the Chubu Centrair International Airport Nagoya.  I “Ta-Q-Bin[ed]” (door-to-door delivery) my luggage to my friend’s place and with a carry-on I took the Meitetsu Line from the airport to JR Nagoya Station.

There, I boarded the Wide View Hida Train bound for Takayama. I only stopped there as the place to catch the bus to Shirakawa-go but I really enjoyed the Old Town.  It was a bonus to my stopover. 🙂

I mentioned the Wide View Hida Train because it literally has wide view windows!  Commuters have a fantastic view of the scenery and it was a kaleidoscope of colours.  A true feast for the eye, all the way to Takayama. 8) These next few pictures were taken from the train.

  descending on Takayama soon…

It was 14 degrees celcius and sunny!  Seize the day!  So immediately after checking in, I set out to explore the Old Town.  It was a good decision.  Mist descended the next day. And I was told by some folks who arrived on the same train as I did that the mist remained the whole day, exacerbated by rain in the afternoon. When travelling, there’s something to be said about the “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today” adage. 🙂  My fellow commuters put off their Old Town jaunt and they got the mist and the rain. I heard they were going to Shirakawa-go the day after I did and from all accounts, I heard it was going to be misty then too. Someone up there sure was looking out for me! 🙂

 the road to Old Town

  parked at a back lane, this stopped me in my tracks. how retro is this? …. cool eh? 8)  beats the odd “for-tourist” rickshaw.

same back lane and this time, kids stop me in my tracks … again. only two pictures this time, promise.  they were trying to play football. can you tell who’s the leader? 😀 but not to be deterred, the other chap says “bring it on, man!” 😛

        it’s 1, 3, 4, .. right? 😆

      it’s Hida beef, guys! melts in your mouth… better than Wagyu.  one stick was 450yen! 😮 really expensive snack!  but guess who kept going back for more. 😳 almost spoiled my kaiseki dinner.. almost… couldn’t resist more hida beef and all the little “appetisers” which i can’t name but definitely can eat! 😀  my excuse… it was getting cold.  brrrr…. i love the cold but i forgot my jacket! 😛  silly me.  but i stayed out to walk.  COURAGE, girl!



   doorway to the Folk Museum   

 the stuff for a cold evening 😉   

 selling knick knacks


where’d the time go?  dusk brought with it hunger pangs! 😮


lovely little lady.  i was expecting to use hand gestures etc…for the transaction, but she spoke to me in English!  totally unexpected.  100yen per stick.  it’s some sesame paste thingy.  and by the way, check out the bottom right corner of her blouse.  it’s a “bunny”! den my thought bubble went, “Ms November” 😉 immediately eclipsed by a more reverent bow and an arigato gozaimasu when she gave me my change back.  i have nothing but respect for such fierce independence.  it dignifies a person more than anything else.

 seems to me to be the “high street”.  more cosmopolitan f & b and stuff, i find.  anyway, street and shop lights were coming on … the camera battery was running low… time to make my way back

     not before i took these last three shots.  couldn’t resist these pictures.  sucker for structure and texture.  battery totally died on me after this.  all juiced out!, from Takayama. 🙂


2 thoughts on “autumn travels…Takayama”

  1. Nice photos….some are postcard perfect. My favourite is the one with the giant sake bottle. I wonder where the sake went 🙂

    1. Yeah the brilliant colours and scenery in Shirakawa-go lent itself to many more picture postcard moments. The Old Town is a quaint, old street. And the natural light was not good enough for my idiot-proof camera. Better to experience in person. I loved it! Especially Hida beef!!!!! 😛 (apologies to the vegans out there). Where did the sake go? Hmmm…. it was cold and there were many people in the shop. 😛 😀

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