doing the locomotion … from Nagoya to Tokyo and Hakone

Here comes our Shinkansen to Tokyo.

  Waiting to board…. and to “fly” at the speed of a bullet.

It was a short stop in Tokyo. Shinjuku in fact. No time for photos from shopping in the day! 😛 It was weary feet trudging down this path so it was some token night lights to the real highlight… FOOD!  Here we are, finally settled on this little restaurant on the corner (with the brown signage). No regrets!


It was an early start the next day to Hakone. Not mushy or anything, but we were boarding the “Romance” train bound for Hakone-Yumoto station! 😀 We’d bought a “locomotion” package of sorts that would give us return rides to and from Tokyo to Hakone and rides on the Hakone Ropeway, Cable Car and some kitschy pirate boat. Don’t let that derail you. The cruise on Lake Ashi was heavenly.

        Tracking the Hakone Ropeway 😛 We boarded at Gora Station. We had to stop to let this car pass. I also have to add the next picture which I thought was poetic. I had been taking shots from the car I was in and suddenly saw a reflection – a train driver within a train driver… :p and I thought, “who’s really on the inside and who is on the outside?”….

 At the station going up to the Cable Car Station

From one cable car to another… It was breathtaking.

View from the top. We could see Mount Fuji in the distance.

Apparently, that’s rare as most times the peak is shrouded in clouds. Cool eh? 🙂

This is not as seen. It is taken through the cable car.  So it’s somewhat reflective. The real sight was grand!

Mt Fuji from the cruise boat too… 

Cruising onSee the sun in the sea… Well, lake technically. 8) Lake Ashi to be specific. It was so peaceful and the air so fresh! It feels like as if you’re just learning to breathe for the first time fully conscious of your environment … pure magic! 🙂 Bottled fresh air could be the next big idea! 🙄 Don’t roll them eyes. It could be the next big idea with all the pollution around the world 💡

 It’s no wonder there were so many locals out there fishing! The air is incredibly crisp and fresh.


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