in the ryokan in Hakone…

We did a one-way on the cruise (paid additional for first class which allowed us to get out on deck) and bused to Hoeiso, our Ryokan. Ryokans are not cheap in Japan but they come with room and board (kaiseki dinners and breakfasts). Some offer hot baths too. So it’s quite worth it. If you haven’t stayed in one before, you must. And after you do, there’s nothing like a ryokan stay when in Japan. 🙂 We stayed in Hoeiso, a family-run inn which has seen three generations run it, since 1956. This is the view from the balcony. It’s really awesome. On the right is the path that brings you to the open-air hot spring bath. The sound of the rippling brook and the mountain view with the colours of autumn, the nippy air and the hot spring add up to your oh-so-chill moments.

Enjoy ryokan moments. 8)

 Up on the roof. Literally, our second floor neighbour’s roof.

View from the living room window. We see the autumn-hued mountains!

This is the living area where we dine tatami style. That’s the first course of breakfast being served. Pictures following are our first courses for dinner. The camera got tucked away somewhere after that as its owner is engrossed tucking in to another pleasurable activity. 😆


Beyond the rice paper doors, (see at the top of the breakfast table picture) is the sleeping area, where we sleep tatami style. It’s really comfy and I had a fantastic night’s sleep! Came complete with sound effects, I’m afraid.

The visit was all too short, this is the turn towards the Hakone-Yumoto station again.

We took the Romance train back to Tokyo. It was about another 1.5 hours longer than if we’d taken a train directly back to Nagoya from Hakone. But what I call the “locomotion” package requires return journey to and from Tokyo and Hakone. It was quite a cost saver instead of paying for all the fares for the ride on the Tozan Ropeway, the cable car, the cruise and the bus rides in town. So here we are in Tokyo, “shinkansen-ing” back to Nagoya. 🙂 What can I say, I love trains.

  This is our train approaching… and here it is..  


2 thoughts on “in the ryokan in Hakone…”

  1. Tell us lah how it was in the bullet train at least. It must very clean and no dust allowed! Its a pity I can’t travel in Autumn 😦 It looks like a lot of food if that is the first course!!

    1. It is very clean. They have stewardesses with push carts selling snacks and drinks. But truly, it’s not really about the train itself, rather the way it’s built for speed. Actually, the first time I went on a bullet train, I thought I’d be able to feel the speed. You know heart-in-the-mouth type of thing – at least when the train picks up speed after “take-off”. Nothing of that sort. Just got to the destination quicker. Oh and “speeding” scenery. 😛

      Yeah… kaiseki meals are served course by course… all small portions but really filling. You should have seen the one at Nonohana, a ryokan in Kyushu, if HP hadn’t lost all my photos. 😦

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