more on Autumn in Japan…Nagoya – its Castle, “my” castle etc… …

My friends are great supporters of the blog. They just have a strange way of showing it. They will visit and read the blog but not leave a comment. Instead they call, text or e-mail me to say how they enjoyed reading the blog.  Or that the pictures were great. etc..etc.. etc.. 😆 All of which are also appreciated.

The reason why I’ve taken on this onerous task of whittling down over 400 pictures and videos into what you have seen, will see in this and the next two blogs is because I said I would when I started with Shirakawa-go. Also, sucker that I am :P, one of my friends promised that she’d leave a comment once I’d completed uploading my Autumn in Japan holiday photos. She loves the pictures but would wait to drop her pearl of wisdom once she’s seen the photos through to Hakone and back. 🙄 So here goes. 🙂

Nagoya, here we come. Before we get to the Nagoya Castle, this is “my” castle. Well, my friend’s technically but it’s where I laid me down to sleep, so it’s mine for that moment in time. 😛

Love tatami beds. This was warm and toasty. And tasteful in calming off-whites. 🙂

 My room has a view…

“All the leaves are brown”… you know the song? Autumn colours are really beautiful. 🙂

Now to Nagoya Castle. Peeking through the trees, looking all serene. It’s difficult to think that it was constructed to ward off attacks. Tokugawa an important samurai, ordered construction of the castle in 1612, to secure an important position on the Tokaido Highway.

The castle was ravaged by fire during World War II.  In 1959, the main donjon, the small donjon, the abutment bridge between the two and the main gate were reconstructed. There are seven floors in the main donjon.  The dolphins at the top of the castle roof are majestic symbols of the feudal lord’s authority.  

Majestic “eaves” (I’m sure there is a more royal term :P).

 Going into the inside track now through the main gate. An imposing structure…Oh well, this picture is a part of the imposing structure. 😉 This gate was originally called the Nishinomaru-enokida Gate. It was destroyed by fire during the Second Word War. The gate was reconstructed together with the donjon in 1959.

Don’t expect the interior to be like those you see in England and Europe, preserved as witness to the lives of the royals and nobles, with rooms, furniture and paintings etc maintained pretty much how it was inhabited. The interior of Nagoya Castle is styled as an exhibition.

But I love this stairwell. For Singaporeans who know and love how the Shaw House carpark was constructed, this, in terms of its concept is something like that. I still can’t get my head wrapped around how that carpark was built, except some kind of interspersed kueh lapis (Malay layered cake). Just like that, this appears to be one stairwell but there is an “up” and down” stairwell that delivers you to a totally different floor of the exhibition when you exit into the rooms. That’s how my friend and I missed a showtime as we’d “lost” each other. We walked up and/or down the stairwell and missed each other. 😀 Unless, I’m wrong and there were two stairwells… hmmm… But Shaw House carpark is as said. 😛

Helmets, armour, swords


Not forgetting the shogun. I have an impression of fierce and loyal warriors. Looks scary even in an exhibit. The shadow even. 😮 Wouldn’t be caught dead by one. 😛

 Er… papier mache…. I forget. 😛 I’m sure this was something important. 🙄 Moving on… This is the Study Room.

a salvaged door from the Old Castle

    re-enactment of Castle town.

Romanticising the moat surrounding the castle.  One would think that it’s a throwback to times past…  Wait a minute… it’s coming…

There we are … the undeniable signs of progress. 

Back to reality… And it ain’t shabby at all. 😉

 My friend’s favourite “chillax” place. It’s called Nishiya Coffee and is five minute’s drive from her apartment. They serve the best red bean toast with condensed milk. Don’t turn up your nose yet. I did, but got sucked into it at first bite. 🙂

 This is the mass market one. In Singapore, the Yakun equivalent. Can’t turn up your nose at it. But I’ll take the indie shops anytime.

The next few pics are my fave shops in Nagoya. They’re all along the Nagoya “Holland Village” equivalent. I think you need a local to find it. It’s not on your mainstream shopping streets.

  This is Cottony. They were all decked out for Christmas.

Wave everyone.

Literally. This is Wave… my most favourite shop of all… My nieces’ pressies came from here. For the first time, “Made in Japan” stuff. Yay! The items stocked range from clothes, bags, accessories, kitchen ware etc..And they were just one of a kind. I would have bought the store if budget weren’t a constraint. I have other photos of the colourful, cheerful, homey, “Christmasy” store. Unfortunately, I was in them and that kinda spoilt the picture. 😛 This is the gardening section… to anchor my favourite shop. 🙂 I don’t know why it’s my favourite. I guess it was almost magical. For me. Thanks pal!

I had my first non Japanese food here, into the 10th or 11th day of my visit. Not that I would have minded Japanese food for all meals. But this was a great cafe to have broken the chain on. It serves French food. It was delectable.

    But it was Japanese all the way after that. Please remove your shoes, tatami “boothers”. We opted to keep our boots on. It was a cold day. 😛

My last meal in Japan was home-cooked. So were the first few days of dinner, except for in Tokyo and Hakone. God bless the hands that fed me. 🙂 Thanks so much for your hospitality guys! 

Left on Cloud 9.   


2 thoughts on “more on Autumn in Japan…Nagoya – its Castle, “my” castle etc… …”

  1. Really? RAN was filmed in Nagoya? Majesty is in the angle. 😛 Thanks!

    Yes you would have enjoyed “Wave”. I really would have bought the store. Stuff made in the country of origin are really difficult to find. And there were just so many “Made in Japan” items that could have been bought. I guarantee you won’t be putting things back in the disused section.

  2. Exactly like the Akira Kurosawa film RAN. I thought the castle looked familiar but now only more majestic. I like the Nagoya castle pictures the best (and the moat pic with the lone kapal) and the colours are also very restful although the history is quite bloody. I also like gardening stuff although I do not garden. I like going to the ultra modern Ikea and then hang out at the gardening section, choose some watering cans and baskets and then before leaving the place, put them back in some disused section. I dunno why I do that but i do.

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