where the sky ends and the water begins ….

where the sky ends and the water begins...

What I saw when I shot this? Well, rather what I thought when the picture was taken.

Where the sky ended and the water in the pond begins? Was the fish in the pond or in the sky? Is what you see really what it is? Was this fish the only one in its watery world? Or in a place in the sky?

Was this fish pondering the same question? Or perhaps it was just struggling to survive.

What you see of the lone fish is only half the picture. The other half is all the giant koi rushing towards the vibrations of human feet from where they think they will get their next feed.


Pushed to a corner for their survival. Were they the real survivors?

Like life.

Where life starts and ends is blurred. What’s left is the survival. And who survives.


Look who’s waiting by the sidelines. Can’t see? Look again. Making a move now…

one splash and what's left is the spectre of the giant koi

What a splash! What a manoeuvre…

Like life. There are those who wait patiently by the sidelines. Then in one fell [swoosh] they make a move leaving others in their wakes, their watery trail of dust.

it's not always beauty who gets there first...

So who survives? Don’t discount the beast (we won’t go into “define beauty” at this point) alongside with the beauty … at the end.

Where does the water in the pond end and the sky begin? Is it a watery world or a place in the sky?

You tell me.

PS: Pictures taken with iPhone 3GS at Changi General Hospital Koi pond where my niece was hospitalised for colitis this past Lunar New Year. We had wheeled her from her ward for some fresh air.

Such “inspired” thoughts from her aunt. 😛


4 thoughts on “where the sky ends and the water begins ….”

  1. You heard right!, 2Cents. Hmmm… You have good sources. 😕 🙂

    Siri is still making it’s way to me. ETA tonight. Meanwhile, the service provider with the same initial as Siri has already switched the line to the microsim, leaving me with no service! If you could read my thought bubbles now. 😡 I’ve been walking around like a mad person, waving my 3GS (like someone we know who shall remain unnamed), in the air trying to get a signal. Right!

    But you are right, about Siri. I am looking forward to the 8mp camera! Not Siri, I’m afraid. I don’t think the AI (smart as it is) can handle Singlish, Indglish, Manglish, Scottish 😛 …etc…

    But you get my drift regarding the suckers eh? Nope, not them bottom feeders. They just appear to be the suckers but are the real survivors. Just like life. 🙂

    PS: My camera is back from the shop. Water had gone into it. But I’ve not tested it yet. Anyway, it’s easier these days with the phone. It’s always with you. So you can capture things more immediately. And pour silent thoughts into the pictures from my mind’s eye. 🙂 Where the sky ends and the water begins.

    Thanks for your verbalised thoughts. 😛

  2. Awesome pictures….you really should get a real camera…oh wait, I heard that a new model called SIRI is in a box and on the way to you 😛
    Sometimes, the survivors are the bottom feeders 🙂 I have a little koi pond which has seen at least 2 mass extinctions…one thanks to a broken pump which polluted the water and the other a broken hose which caused almost all of the water to be pumped out of the pond. There were 2 bottom feeders in my pond which are the sucker fish….those guys are really tough….I bought them when they were barely longer than my finger (not the rude one) and today, they are about the length of my arm !
    Are there bottom feeders in life? … You bet. Since this is a PG rated blog, I better not go further 🙂
    Where does the sky end and the water begin?…That, my friend is in our minds 🙂

  3. Thanks? Well, at least for liking all the pictures. 🙂

    Erm… ok I’ll hold the thought. On the bright side, at least you will revisit the ruminations. 😛

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