nostalgic track along Bukit Timah Rail … still on my 3GS ;)

The last train chugged out of the Tanjong Pagar Railway station on 30th June 2011. I hope we preserve some of the vestiges of solid engineering handed down by the British and the immigrant hands that cobbled them into being. There are things we shouldn’t forget. The Bukit Timah Railway portion of the track hopefully will remain intact for generations to come. I was glad my nephew asked to go to the rail tracks on his 20th birthday in July. So he can create his own memories.

I just love the wrought iron structure… it’s pretty for something so imposing. 🙂

Down memory lane…

A nostalgic track…

      what a bolt! don’t make ’em like they used to.

Is everything always black and white?    Hopefully, it doesn’t become one great big black and white or sepia snapshot for the annals.  Hopefully, promises are iron-clad and a green belt co-exists with these splended structures. And not another faceless condominium clubhouse or worse, struck off the map to become a distant memory.


Go green corridor!

can you see the dragonfly?..



4 thoughts on “nostalgic track along Bukit Timah Rail … still on my 3GS ;)”

  1. Nice angles and sepia tones… really should get a good camera to make the pictures pop. They are well composed.
    Looks like you were there much earlier than I was …… when I visited the station, there was hardly any track left :p ……but I did not wander very far.

    1. Awww… thanks! That’s so encouraging.

      My Nikon is just back from the shop. Just doesn’t seem the same after the lens got caught in the rain. So don’t feel much like using it. A seed is germinating in my mind… Perhaps a new camera… a Leica would do nicely. 😛 Although my nephew says idiots 😆 (yup! nothing sugar coated here 🙄 ) shouldn’t bother.

      Yeah… I missed the last days of Tanjong Pagar station as my camera was in the shop. The iPhone camera (at least my 3GS then) doesn’t work as well indoors. So I went early to BT Railway track in case that gets folded too! 😦

      What price, progress?

      1. Just a piped dream. 😛 I went to check out the prices 😮 That tripped me up, good. If it hadn’t, I think point and click (read idiot-proof) has proofed me out of the non idiot market. 😆

        But I would like to touch it one day. 🙂

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