this plank is in my “brother’s” eye :p …

Why is it that we do not see the fault in ourselves? We are so quick to jump to conclusions and accuse someone of a wrongdoing but can’t seem to see ours. Remember the plank in your eye versus the speck in your brother’s?

In this world, the opposite seems to apply. I read somewhere that pyschologically, we expect other people to do what we would do, so we do it to them first!

The more insecure and critical the person, the more accusations are hurled. The more the blame game. All these have a root in the “sub-conscious” mirror. Except that folks who act on these negative thoughts do not reflect on their own actions. What really gets my goad is they hold up a mirror to others and do not hold it up to themselves! 😡 They think they have every right to act the way they do. Even if it borders on bullying.

True story. I had exit East Coast Parkway Expressway at Marine Parade and began to slow down at the slip road towards Marine Parade Road. A van (like a Kangoo van) coming from the East Coast service road into the Marine Parade slip road, (read minor road), approached the junction. He hesitated when he saw me and stopped at the junction so I picked up speed. As I was approaching the junction, something possessed him to come out!! 😮 at snail’s pace! I literally had to jam my break to stop just a hair’s breath from his van. I’m not sure if he knew what I had to do to avoid a collision. Then I had to follow behind him as we were on a one-lane carriageway. At the point the slip road split into two lanes, the driver of the van took the right lane and I sped up to slightly over 50km/h (imagine how slowly he was going) on the same lane, as the road ahead was clear! Anyway, I thought all was well. Little did I know the saga had not ended.

The other driver had tried to speed up to me in the next lane and caught up with me because I had stopped at the traffic junction. I ignored him. But do you know what he did? He honked at me long and hard over and over and over. When I finally turned (my mistake) to look, he gesticulated angrily. What the…, right? 😕

He dawdled out of a minor road and caused me to slow down when I had the right of way. I had to jam break hard to avoid a collision. 😯 Ironically, it would have been my fault if I had hit him! 😡 He travelled at snail’s speed on the one-lane road so I had to crawl behind him. He moved to the right lane so I sped up as the road ahead was clear. Then he honked and gesticulated at me!

I mouthed the words, “You cut into my lane!!” and then stopped, as I didn’t think him worth my energy and also partly because the light had turned green. I decided to drive off to avoid further antagonism from a big (think buff) man. But who showed himself to be very, very, very small-minded. (Anything else, small, I’m thinking of, will remain in my thought bubble)! 😛

Ok I held the mirror up to myself and still concluded but “What the…!?”? The plank was in his eye. This time I had the speck. Right?

There are plenty more in the “archive” where this came from. Do you have these type of “tor huik” stories? (“Tor huik”, Hokkien – chinese dialect – for “vomit blood!”). Spill! 😛


2 thoughts on “this plank is in my “brother’s” eye :p …”

  1. Hahaha… it’s strange how some folks are so unaware or whether they just pretend to be, so they can use it to their advantage. Darn bullies. In reality they are just pitiful, insecure, ignorant, small people. They use any advantage they have to thumb people down to feel better about themselves.

    So wherever possible, I’ve decided I’ll just shut them down by not granting them an audience. 😀 Including the plankers on the roads!

  2. ….many folks driving with planks in their eye 😛 I used to work for a boss who not only had a plank in his eye but a whole log ! His bizzare style of management was to keep everyone on their toes by behaving in an unpredictable way. I call it “Management by Predation and Surprise”. Simply put, it was simple bullying. He probably thought of himself as the ultimate predator on the top of the food chain….then he got a new boss ! …… He came to a meetiing one day and remarked, “Do you know what it is like to talk to a wall?”
    Everyone at the meeting looked at one another with a knowing grin…….we live it everyday ! He did not change despite that. Hahahaha …….

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