a state of mind…

You know how it is when you have a gzillion things in your mind that the heart cannot process? Or a million things in the heart, the mind cannot process? Pretty much sums it up for me.

What I saw when I was walking on the Helix bridge,  encapsulated exactly that state of mind.

   I saw droves of people reflected on the mirrored surface of the “roof” structure of the bridge. Unknown throngs, a mass of grey matter, triangulating in the prisms of each other’s space unknowingly.  It was like the myriad colliding thoughts in my head. Unprocessed.

The Nanyang Polytechnic display at “iLight” Marina Bay reflected that state too. At least in my mind.

    It was a “Picasso-ish” structure and the lights are “turned on” by the sound of voices. Impressive, guys and really cool! It was such a kaleidoscope of colours arising from all that noise. To me, it encapsulated the dissonance of life. Yet showing the harmony in dissonance. Structure in chaos. Rationality in the absurd.

  Almost like our theatre of the absurd, which we call life.

Faceless in a crowd.  

   Alien in our own home…Hard to fathom, pretty much like our racing thoughts. Unprocessed. Sometimes chaotic even. Yet we find some order in chaos. To cope.

PS: Pictures taken on the 4S. It’s quite decent. Honestly, didn’t expect to be able to capture the images as it was a very dark night and the structures were brightly lit, some against reflective surfaces. Though the Helix Bridge effect wasn’t exactly the same as what I saw in my mind. :p

PPS: More iLight pictures, maybe, another day.


2 thoughts on “a state of mind…”

  1. Te-enks, again, gt. It was captivating. You would have loved it.

    I wanted to revisit it as I had missed some exhibits due to the Saturday night crowd. Nope they didn’t gather round to see the exhibits. That would have been fine. These were mere “blockers”, who fail to understand that they are not the installation. 😮 They were posing ad nauseam, for the camera with cutesy peace signs and blocking access to the installations. 🙄 They also fail to understand they will always be in silhouette no matter how many times they click, delete and edit the pictures … Duh! 😀 I digress…

    Alas, the day I planned to revisit it, was Earth Day. So iLight was lights out during the bewitching hour of my planned visit. So I had dinner instead 😛 haha…

    Anyway, iLight Marina Bay 2012 is the second installment I think. Hopefully, it will be an annual event on the calendar. My advise? Go on a weeknight. I think the blockers stream out only on weekends with their trigger-happy, camera-toting dates. 😀 🙄

  2. Cool pixs. Makes me sorry that I did not go take some photos. Hope to catch it the next time….assuming it is a yearly thing. The Picasso-ish structure has a playful look to it. I think they should feature some of these around Singapore as light structures. Hopefully that will help us lighten up and take life less seriously.

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