Garden of Light at iLight…

Garden of Light at iLight...

… Marina Bay Singapore. By Hexagon Solution, 3D digital mapping technology was used to light up the facade of the ArtScience Museum at the Bay. An animated projection, it journeys through a single day of the beauty of the natural world.

It was a grand projection of life in mammoth proportions. Not to take anything from it, the display of light and music was accessible and entertaining. Moving from dawn to dusk, the interplay of light and melding of different elements and life forms in pictorial and graphic representation were seamless. What a vision from the power of technology! …

Yet still … a 3D specter of the spectacle of life in the natural world…


2 thoughts on “Garden of Light at iLight…”

    1. Thanks!… er 2 Cents again. 🙂 You should be a busy bee flying across a flower bed. Any flower bed. Make time to smell the roses. ğŸ˜Ž

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