my ode to coffee…

I interrupt my “Tourist at Home Photo Series” with my ode to coffee. I heart coffee. I keep saying I’m a social coffee drinker but in truth, I’m a coffeeholic. 🙂 There I said it.

My grandpa used to bring me as a four-year old to the kopi tiam (coffee shop) every morning. Don’t be horrified. I love my grandpa and I love that he was the one who introduced coffee to me. He would order coffee and butter toast and pour half the cup of coffee on to the saucer to cool it down for me and he’d drink off the cup. We shared everything. 🙂

My friend brought me to “Jewel Coffee” in Shenton Way, Singapore, for the best flat white ever! Not for the faint-hearted, it is “gao”. STRONG. Mmmmm… Good coffee always brings back fond memories of my grandpa. I decided to do this ode to coffee in haiku, as a homage to the person who showed me how to appreciate good coffee.

PS: Anyone thinking of going to “Jewel Coffee”, my friend recommends Ethiopia beans. Enjoy!


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