on coffee overdrive and chocolate pick-me-up …

They did say good things come in threes. Or was it the other way around? Never mind. I choose good. 😛 Just that I’ve been meaning to post these eons ago…but never got around to it. So it’s caffeine overdrive, three days in a row.

I’m a kopi-o-kosong-gao (literal translation: coffee black, no sugar, strong) kinda gal. So it’s testament to the baristas that I love their flat whites too! This was another great flat white! Brewed with love at 40Hands. Clean and strong. Nothing insipid about this.

All my friends I’ve brought to 40Hands have always enjoyed the coffee. I hope they remain consistent though. Recently, when a friend and I dropped in, his comment was he’d take me to another new coffee place. Admittedly, the temperature was not quite right that day; But I like this quirky place with its great philosophy on coffee-making and principles for coffee drinking. So I’ll be back!

Not least of all for the yummy chocolate tart. Oh did I mention I looooooooove chocolates too? 😉 This chocolate tart is to die for. It’s made from dark, dark, dark chocolate. The way all chocolate should be eaten, if I have my way. 😛

Ta da! Here’s the chocolate tart.

Let’s hear it for coffee and chocolate!! My 2Cs pick-me-up. 😎

PS: I love their mushroom sandwich too! Another to-die-for item on their menu.


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