blue, blue my [underwater] world is blue….

The unknown deep carries a huge fascination as much as it strikes fear within me. Watching programmes on deep sea diving (anything deeper than me from neck down is deep! 🙂 ), the silent underwater world, a home for teeming sea creatures, is strangely beckoning and breathtaking.

I was at the Marine Life Park in Sentosa on an excursion recently. The crowd 😮 notwithstanding, the undersea world was a sight to behold.

The hordes of visitors may probably outnumber the sea creatures we came to see ;), but it was ironically calming. If you just stayed still and looked, the silence in the aquarium blocks out the noise outside. Though, it might possibly be a case of them watching us. 😛

IMG_2572 here’s looking @ u kid!IMG_2570

IMG_2577too pretty to be a bottom feeder


IMG_2596   IMG_2595

a school of trevally almost “transparent”  swimming by….

these are really transparent! the jelly fish fascinates me … where are the organs? 😕IMG_2581

IMG_2579        IMG_2582

like the surreal beauty
of the siren call
lies in silence
the sting of deception



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