what? where? it’s what it is …

is it a brinjal?
is it an eggplant?
is it an aubergine?

it’s brinjal – in South East and South Asia.

is it a fruit?
is it a vegetable?

it’s a fruit – strictly scientifically speaking.

but cooks use it as a vegetable
in savoury cooking…

does it matter?

what's in a name?...


it still is what it is
it buds
it flowers, it fruits
it ripens
it buds..

we recognise it
as what
we know

the earth
still turns
on its own axis.


3 thoughts on “what? where? it’s what it is …”

  1. Awesome rhyming. Let me try:
    It is a melon gene
    It is a garden egg
    It is a guinea squash

    Is it an egg?
    Is it a gene?
    Is it a squash?

    It is none of the above
    It is a night shade

    Does it grow at night?
    Does it grow in the shade?

    It is neither

    I do not know better
    It does not matter
    It is better when cooked in batter
    Or when you need it in a hurry
    Add this to fish curry
    Curry in a hurry :p

    1. Wah! So inspired! I’m impressed.

      A brinjal by any other name eh? 🙂 Yeah… it is what it is. The world still turns.

      But now I really feel like eating fish curry! 😀 😀

    2. PS: Was the “night shade” metaphorical? Or does a night shade you know of look like a squash? :p Yes, yes… I’m missing the point. 😛

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