Where? Really?



I showed this picture to some friends. At a glance, they asked whether it was the Mediterranean. Really? The closest it gets to the Mediterranean is this heritage town also starts with the letter “M”. Can you guess where this is?

Here’s a clue…
IMG_2178  And another…












And the unrefutable clue…..













Yup… Malacca or Melaka (local reference) is where it is. 

Picture reference:

1. Malacca River 2. Colourful trishaws waiting for fare at The Stadthuys Complex 3. Jonker Walk 4. Christ Church, Melaka at The Stadthuys Complex (built 1650, residence of Dutch governor and his officers then) 5.Melaka Art Gallery within the same complex.


2 thoughts on “Where? Really?”

  1. Nice shot of Malacca River. There is something magical about sunsets and a water feature. The trishaws are also a great signature. I wished STB would do something about those that ply the tourist trade back home. They are insipid. I think the plan was to keep it nostalgic but there is absolutely nothing nostalgic about it…..just a $10 bicycle ride (unless the prices have gone up since I last checked) with cars honking at them and drivers giving them dagger stares for occupying a whole lane during evening peak period. Oh yes, that is uniquely Singapore ! I mean the evening peak period….what were you thinking :p

    1. Thanks gt. 🙂 It’s actually quite a nice cruise up and down the river for just RM10. I’m not sure about in the afternoon. I went at dusk and some of my friends say the early morning one is refreshing too.

      Agree about the trishaws. Wish I had time to linger and take better shots. I took that photo very quickly when we walked past after the cruise; as we were hungry and were headed to dinner.

      But yes, they are quite a sight to behold and made the environment so much more interesting. Not forgetting the music blaring from their portable players. 😛 It was quite a cacophany of sound and kaleidoscope of colours. Rather riotous. Definitely not bland.

      And definitely no horns blaring as they peddle through Jonker Walk at peak hours. But perhaps it is because it’s more of a tourist town. So everyone is that much more “chillax”. Also perhaps we are much more clinical in our approach to things – It’s something we need to offer to tourists, so let’s get the lowest bidder and get the task done. Let’s get the trishaw riders uniformed t-shirts for identity. Don’t forget to agree on the same colour for the trishaws. 😛 Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

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