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Standing above the clouds on Zugspitze

Literally, a bird’s eye view. Standing 2,962m above sea level on Zugspitze

Standing above the clouds
2,962m above sea level to be exact
is awesome.

Not of the “this-burger-is-awesome” variety
but the divine inspired, to be exact
it’s awe-inspiring.


It is a sea of cloud
meeting the horizon of blue sky

mountain peaks
cast shadows over it.

Where? Really?



I showed this picture to some friends. At a glance, they asked whether it was the Mediterranean. Really? The closest it gets to the Mediterranean is this heritage town also starts with the letter “M”. Can you guess where this is?

Here’s a clue…
IMG_2178  And another…












And the unrefutable clue…..













Yup… Malacca or Melaka (local reference) is where it is. 

Picture reference:

1. Malacca River 2. Colourful trishaws waiting for fare at The Stadthuys Complex 3. Jonker Walk 4. Christ Church, Melaka at The Stadthuys Complex (built 1650, residence of Dutch governor and his officers then) 5.Melaka Art Gallery within the same complex.

Rooting for Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia

It was really idyllic on the way to Ta Prohm.

We stopped by a rustic, little cafe by the lake for grub. Looking out from the inside.

The idyllic ended when we got to Ta Prohm. Maybe it is a UNESCO listed World Heritage site. Maybe the Tomb Raiders was filmed there. Maybe it’s over a smaller land area than the Angkor wat. Maybe it was already later in the morning. Whatever the reasons, it was teeming with people.

Because it has been left pretty much untouched, there were some amazing root systems clawing among the ruins.

There’s a bit of a trek from the entrance

As you approach, note the tree in the centre…

This tree … well, trunk…

This is it… the “inner” belly….


It looks like a beast with limbs clawing into the walls.DSCN0175

All manner of roots crawl among the ruins…



All manner of routes too. It was an unhewn path so be careful where you walk.
DSCN0184DSCN0185 DSCN0186

Siem Reap: Angkor wat in photo installments 6 … thinking about perspectives

Just speaking with a friend on perspectives….DSCN0075
things don’t necessarily look the sameDSCN0099 DSCN0100  through slats

but it’s all different views of the same


the sum of all parts
DSCN0088 DSCN0093 DSCN0094 DSCN0090

make a