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State of mind 3

Inside out –

Are we descending into a pool

Or transcending on the beach?


State of mind 1

It was quite a fun afternoon at the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). NMS is exhibiting installation art from the FRAC (French Regional Collection of Contemporary Art*).

Entitled “What is not visible is not invisible”, taken from Julien Discrit’s 2008 work, also on display, it was an interactive experience, quite accessible even for an art plebian like me.

Here’s my take, “State of mind” in installments, where I touched light and heard smoke, on the transient and the imaginary.

If I don’t see it

Is it not there?

* contemporary art presents an idea

Noisy thoughts, Silent words…

It’s been awhile since my last post. It didn’t seem necessary to write for whatever reason. There didn’t seem to be a need. It’s like a dearth… of don’t know what. I’m not sure why.

It’s like standing at a street corner. The world passes by and you’re there standing. Looking. Without a thought.

Doing handstands would at least draw a crowd. Or if not, have at least some purported health benefits.

But there doesn’t seem to be a need for handstands either.

I wonder how many people are standing on their street corners. Seemingly devoid of thought.

Not attracting attraction. Their noisy thoughts with them. Even when there are seemingly none.

Nevertheless, I am sure there are people out there. Standing on their street corners. Waiting. Watching. As the world spins by.

Thinking noisy thoughts. Speaking without words. Crying without tears. Inhaling without breathing.

They appear to be in one piece. They walk with powerful strides. They walk with a spring in their step. They walk tall.

What of that? What of their wordless world amid the chatter? Noisy thoughts amid their silence? I don’t know.

My niece, A, asked me why I haven’t been writing. I don’t know. “Voicing silent words” is what I’m thinking. Not sure if that’s necessary. Well, at this point.

It’s like the animation from this video she posted in her blog. A silent show. Quiet. Peaceful. Poignant. Artistic. Nullifying the need for words. That’s why.

Whether this makes any sense or not, this is for you, A. Just because you asked. 🙂